The Back Office: Letting Go + Embracing Your Strengths

amy's home deskCreative Business Owners: Does your home desk, or back office look like the mess in this photo?

As a brand strategist and creative person whose top strengths do not include execution or anything tactical, I’ve known for several years that I’m better with a team that includes operationally strong people. I used to be a video/TV producer, but even then, my secret to staying organized was hiring an organized team.

However, as a solopreneur, I have been stuck in a self-defeating loop in my business, not growing, because I continue to try to do it all and survive on a one-on-one consulting model. Therefore, I continue to go it alone. For a person who thrives upon collaboration, this is a sad lonely party of one. (insert sad trombone tune)

I know that to be sustainable as a business, I must diversify my offerings and add online services and products such as webinars, toolkits etc, but haven’t had the time or energy to move these ideas forward.
In the past, I’ve tried to seek help from various contractors, such as bookkeepers or social media community managers, but haven’t grown fast enough to sustain those costs.

In comes my friend’s new business currently in beta mode – it’s a Back Office for Freelancers and Solopreneurs! It gives us lonely souls a chance to do what we do best in our business. For me, that’s facilitation, content production and relationship building, not bookkeeping and social media coordination.
I have preached to clients that they need to embrace their strengths and that what they perceive as a negative trait, is just them over utilizing one strength and under utilizing another. In my case, I have not been able to amplify ANY of my top strengths because I’ve been trying to keep this “I’ve got it!” persona alive – acting organized, when in reality, my back office has long been a house of cards.

I publicly confess this to tell others like myself that it’s OKAY to let go of the stuff that you’re not good at. And I mean truly let go. My friend with the back office business truly had me when he said “You’ll probably make more money if you aren’t so disciplined and can be more creative.” BREAKTHROUGH MOMENT. Hope I’ve inspired a few of you too.

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