PersonalBrandingYour personal brand is your unique fingerprint on the world.

We work with you to hone your voice and shape your personal brand, so you can make more of an impact in whatever you do.


We work with you over the course of a month to articulate what makes you special, hone your brand voice and image, and develop a plan to share that brand with the world.  

Deliverables Include

New brand language: personal mission and vision statements, elevator pitch language for networking, a short and long professional bio for various applications such as LinkedIn corporate, and speaking engagements, social media bio sound bites.

Personal Brand RoadMap: A 6-month roadmap to grow and elevate your personal brand, with specific SMART goals that are aligned with your company brand strategy.


As a solopreneur, you are the face of your brand. We work with you to co-brand you as a leader and your company, focusing on your mission, vision, values, and a catalyzing statement that you can stand behind to engage clients, customers, and collaborators.  

Bringing New Humanity to Brands. 

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