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What We Do & How We Do It

Brand Strategy

Develop a purposeful personal or company brand identity aligned with your company's strategic goals. Our core strategy is based on building human relationships and emotional connections through storytelling. 

Content Marketing

Content strategy and plans for building your social media community and brand profile.

Personal Branding Workshops

Having a brand strategy helps you be more effective in connecting with people and accomplishing your goals. We help you illuminate what you do and WHY you do it, build a mission statement and a personal brand strategy to get more out of life and work! 


A la Carte Services

These include concept development, bio writing, blogging/writing, and website content development.

From the blog

Ideas and stories from our journey…

The Power of Speaking Up

The Power of Speaking Up

What would happen to our democracy if women never voiced their opinion or stood up for something or someone they believed in?  What if every one of us deflected our responsibility and said, “I’m sure someone else more qualified will speak up on this!” And when is it appropriate as a professional brand to getread more →

The Back Office: Letting Go + Embracing Your Strengths

The Back Office: Letting Go + Embracing Your Strengths

Creative Business Owners: Does your home desk, or back office look like the mess in this photo? As a brand strategist and creative person whose top strengths do not include execution or anything tactical, I’ve known for several years that I’m better with a team that includes operationally strong people. I used to be a video/TVread more →

Do I Need a Personal Brand Strategy?

Do I Need a Personal Brand Strategy?

Branding is a term that has long been associated with the corporate image, but today, most adults also have a personal brand, whether they have consciously cultivated them or not. When discussing the concept of Personal Branding, I often get questions like these: I don’t plan on doing a TED Talk, writing a book, orread more →

Brand Betrayal: How Can We Cultivate Trustworthy Brands?

Brand Betrayal: How Can We Cultivate Trustworthy Brands?

I cannot stop thinking about this week’s news of the Volkswagen diesel emissions scandal, aka #DieselGate. As a two-time VW owner and someone who tries to hold brands I support to high standards for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), I was still caught off guard by how much this news affected me personally.  It felt likeread more →

Show & Tell:  Create, Exercise, Stay Cool!

Show & Tell: Create, Exercise, Stay Cool!

How Chandler Stephens Drives Her Rising Brand In-house writer Chelsea Miller recently caught up with Chandler Stephens, creator of Rise & Set, a Product Development, Content Creation and Branding studio for fashion and entertainment-focused brands, where she shared her thoughts on her own personal brand journey. Q: What comes to mind when you hear theread more →read more →

Our Clients

You know your business. 

We will help you make it a more impactful brand.


"Establishing my voice and how I articulate my work is necessary to grow myself professionally and personally. Your personal brand workshop has shown me how evolving myself evolves my (art) work, and creating a precise brand develops focus."

Marilyn VincenteArtist

"I highly recommend Nested Strategies to any writer, solopreneur or small business owner who needs to better articulate their core purpose and create a clear plan for both personal and professional growth and development."

Elise Ballard, Author of Epiphany! & Public Figure

"Nested Strategies helped us clarify and refine our brand identity in our market, helping us build a content strategy to leverage us as thought leaders in our industry. Amy is a creative, strategic thinker who I highly recommend to companies looking to expand their brand presence online.”

Steve Kinder, Founder, LOFTwall

"Working with Amy is one of the best decisions I've been fortunate enough to make in my professional life. Amy was able to help us tell our story in a way we couldn't have done alone. While most start ups think they don't have the funds for a brand consultant, I now know that having Amy on your team starting the day after you have your genius idea is a great way to give yourself a fighting chance."

Abrahim Nadimi, ReferMe

Bringing New Humanity to Brands. 

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