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We do a lot of things, but the purpose remains the same - 

To help clients build a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship with their customers by forging meaningful connections, conversations, and engagement.


Brand Strategy

Develop a purposeful personal or company brand identity aligned with your company's strategic goals. 

Content Marketing

Content strategy and plans for building your social media community and brand profile.

Creative Consulting

Dynamic sessions to help you flesh out everything from product development, to marketing campaign concepts, to pitch presentations. 

A la Carte Services

These include concept development, blogging/writing, and website content development.

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Ideas and stories 

from our journey…

Show & Tell: Kasia Konopka – Aesthetics & Identity

For our first Show & Tell: Personal Brand series, we connected with Kasia Konopka, an artist and graphic designer who appreciates the minute aesthetics of her surroundings, which can often shift her entire perspective and approach to her craft. Nested: Are you more concerned with how people view you or how you see yourself? Kasia:read more →

Everything I learned about storytelling, I learned from Albert Maysles.

The gracious patriarch of documentary filmmaking, Albert Maysles, passed away last week at age 88. I had the incredibly good fortune of spending time with Al when we honored him with the Guggenheim Award at SILVERDOCS (now AFI Docs) in 2009. I remember being pleasantly surprised at his approachable, understated style.  I’ll never forget howread more →

Social Media POV

Owning Your Point of View as a Solo Business Owner As the sole employee of Nested Strategies, I recently made a somewhat surprising decision to return to speaking in first person on my company’s social media pages. One of my quintessential dilemmas as a consultant promoting and growing my first business has been whether toread more →

An All-Knowing Internet: New Views of Transparency Part 3

An All-Knowing Internet: New Views of Transparency Part 3

Throughout February we have been sharing some fascinating and exciting concepts and trends related to transparency in the areas of personal brands, companies, and the internet. In an age where we often prioritize convenience and connectivity over privacy, and we call for organizations and people to be honest and transparent online, it’s important to keep our eyes wideread more →

Blending Open & Private Workspaces: New Views of Transparency Part 2

Blending Open & Private Workspaces: New Views of Transparency Part 2

Transparent Workplaces: Blending Open & Private Spaces In a backlash against the reviled cubicle, companies have been moving toward a homogenous open office design to project a more transparent culture. But what Harvard Business Review found in a recent study is that the addition of private areas provided the right conditions for creativity, collaboration, andread more →

New Views of Transparency

New Views of Transparency

Transparency is a concept that has become so critical to every aspect of today’s forward-thinking brands, so we’ve decided to dig deeper into how this word is framing many key conversations for brand evolution, technology and culture in 2015 and beyond. In recent times, the mere mention of the buzzword transparency solicits groans. And likeread more →

Our Clients

You know your business. 

We will help you make it a next-generation brand.

"I highly recommend Nested Strategies to any writer, solopreneur or small business owner who needs to better articulate their core purpose and create a clear plan for both personal and professional growth and development."

Elise Ballard, Author of Epiphany! & Public Figure

"Nested Strategies helped us clarify and refine our brand identity in our market, helping us build a content strategy to leverage us as thought leaders in our industry. Amy is a creative, strategic thinker who I highly recommend to companies looking to expand their brand presence online.”-

Steve Kinder, Founder, LOFTwall

"Working with Amy is one of the best decisions I've been fortunate enough to make in my professional life. Amy was able to help us tell our story in a way we could not have done without her. She helped us connect with our mission and core values and lead the development of our brand guidelines. She has helped us on other mission critical documents such as our pitch deck, executive summary, website content, and misc other documents. While most start ups think they do not have the funds for a brand consultant, I now know that having Amy on your team starting the day after you have your genius idea is a great way to give yourself a fighting chance."

Abrahim Nadimi, ReferMe

Brand strategy for the Purpose Economy

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